Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Coats

I had some trouble deciding on a good first post, it just seems like it should be special. Inspiration came along with 10 inches of snow, and I will be posting some of my favorite winter looks. In Minnesota, warm layers and a good coat is essential everyday for nearly five months of the year. Since I get tired of looking the same for so long, I switch up my coats pretty often.
vintage fur coat, leather gloves, target tights,
kenzie lace up boots
I was very lucky to find this coat for a mere $20! It needed some new buttons, and I cinched the waist in a bit, but it was definitely worth the effort. Plus the fur collar is oh so soft.
zara zipper coat, charlotte russe pumps, target tights
When everyone else is wearing black, like in the city, I feel a little crazy in any sort of color. This coat is perfectly simple and has beautiful zipper detailing.
vintage coat, dehlia jeans, vera wang for kohl's hat,
secondhand pumps
...and if the last picture didn't have enough color, this should make up for it. A friend and I actually saw this coat at the same time, and raced for it. She got there first, but it fit me better, and she graciously renounced her claim.
Forever 21 coat, target boots, h&m beanie,
charlotte russe knit top
I've been wearing a lot of this jacket recently, mainly because it's so soft and comfortable. Honestly, I just woke up from a satisfyingly long nap wearing most of this outfit.
Apologies for the bad webcam photography. By the next post I hope to have located an actual camera and photographer!


  1. And I was thinking I had too many winter coats at 3. . . I love it! Who took these pics? They look nice.

  2. ahaha, I took them on photobooth. I would click the button and then run for it!

  3. Er... I have one winter coat. Maybe I'll get hand-me-up's someday to expand my collection.

  4. Oh my god, do you actually wear the fur coat?!