Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks Vancouver

About the only times that I feel like I need cable TV is during the olympics and the world cup. We gave in and bought basic cable for the month of February, and as of last week, we even have a cable splitter, so we can watch TV and use the internet at the same time. Welcome to the 21st century, Ali.

Watching the men's 50K nordic race this morning was the ultimate end to a fantastic olypmics (no, I'm not an ice hockey fan.) The frantic start, the early leads, the formation of the leading group, and the epic ending embodied the excitement of these olypmics. (Did you know that nordic skiiers have a higher capillary concentration than any other type of athlete?) Favorites have to include the Norwegian curling team's pants, the success of Asian figure skaters, and the comeback of US alpine skiings not-so-has-beens.

The olympics even inspired me to bake an olympic rings cake out of brioche dough, though my frosting was way too runny. Continuing the family tradition of over-milking your icing.

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