Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Thaw

We've had a full week of warm weather (that is, above 40 degrees), and the snow has mostly disappeared. Even though I love my winter layers, it's nice to go outside without spending ten minutes bundling up. This doesn't really prevent me from wearing layers anyway. I just have to be more thoughtful about it!
This outfit is pretty typical for me. I find it very easy to just throw on a dress and a few cardigans in the morning, and the tights are must when it's still a bit nippy outside. And yay! I've located a real camera!

vintage dress, forever 21 long vest, gap cardigan, target tights
forever 21 boots, garage sale jewelry
All of the jewelry that I'm wearing in this picture is actually from a garage sale that a friend and I found last spring. The lady buys jewelry in bulk and then sells it very cheaply every year. We can't remember exactly when the sale was, or even the exact location of her house, but we will be on the look out for the next few weeks!
My friends and I are planning a trip to the Mad Hatters Tea House in a nearby city. We're all dressing up, so I should have some fabulous tea party pictures soon.

Some of my very stylish friends! The boy in the front just won an award for being the best male AP scholar in the state, so now the girls are all over him!


  1. Yo. One of the most awkward pictures of us all.
    I'm glad the picture turned out well! :)