Tuesday, March 30, 2010

R&R in the Southeast US

Last week was my spring break, so Matt took the week off and we diddled down to the southeast to visit some friends. I had debated taking my computer, but didn't. As a matter of fact, I tried not to think about work/school at all. Good move. First stop: Southern Maryland to visit Jamie. She works for the Navy, and we got to go flying with one of her friends. We went to a tiny little fishing village on an island in the Chesapeake where golf cart was the primary mode of transport. Fishing and crabbing gear everywhere.

Jamie lives in a house with two guys and they don't cook much, but own a dazzling array of cooking appliances that I spent several days lusting after. I made homemade tiramisu (including the ladyfingers) for them from the Daring Baker's recent recipe. Maybe that was just an excuse to use the kitchen aid a lot, but can you blame me?

We spend a few days in DC seeing the sights and went to an awesome restaurant called Founding Farmers. It's owned by a cooperative of farmers, and everything they serve is sustainably raised. And they make a mean ginger ale. Highlight of the night: bacon lollies. Bacon glazed with brownsugar and cinnamon. Say hello to the most delicious heart attack you've ever seen.
Our second stop was Miami, where Matt's best friend and co-game-developers live. And look! They have ferrets! We spent a day wandering Miami beach, a day at the everglades, and a lot of time playing with the little weasels. Food included cuban food at Versailles (which has the best decor ever, though I failed to photograph it), amazing BBQ including alligator meat, and german food at a spot that served beer in liters.
Next week we'll be in Paris, and we shall be sure to take lots of delicious and fab pictures then.


  1. aww, i missed you guys in DC?!?!

  2. Regarding kitchen appliances: I can imagine you having a blast with a registry scanner. lol